Frequently Asked Questions about our dog boarding and cattery

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Q: Can I bring my pets own food/diet?

A: We are happy to keep your pet on its own specialised medical diet. We stock a range of foods but you are welcome to bring your own food or treats.

Q: What is the best time to bring my pet into the Kennel/Cattery?

A: If your pet has not been with us before it will settle in best to his new surroundings during the daytime.  We therefore recommend that you bring your pet to us as early as possible during the day.  He will then be settled into his kennel before bedtime and have a happier night.

Q: This is my dog's first trip to the Canine Country Club. Will he fret while I am away?

A: As with humans, your dog has a large sub-conscious memory, and a very small conscious mind, which can only entertain one thought at a time. The major difference between a dog and a human is that humans can retrieve a memory at will from their sub-conscious mind. Your dog is completely unable to do this, and all retrieved thoughts must be physically prompted. This means that when you say goodbye to your dog in the office, by the time it reaches the complex and sees other dogs, thoughts of you have left its conscious mind. His mind is then filled with his new environment, and will remain that way until he sees/hears you in the office on your return.

Leaving him at home, on the other hand, can cause fretting, as he is surrounded by physical reminders of yourself. He will be waiting by the door for your car, waiting for his routine walk, waiting for you; in other words, he has no chance to forget you. This can cause him to fret, go off his food etc.

There are two things which will contribute to your dog having an enjoyable stay at the Canine Country Club Boarding Kennels:

1) He has a compatible friend to bond with in your absence
2) He will receive plenty of mental and physical stimulation every day; lots of play times in large gardens, a comfortable, clean environment with 24 hour care, delicious food and plenty of human contact (daily grooming, cuddles and health checks).

Q: Why does my dog always punish me when I pick her up from the kennels after I have been on holiday? It is a lovely kennel and they are very good to her, but when we bring her back home, she ignores us as if she is angry with us. What can I do to bring her around?

A: Absolutely nothing! Owners often make the mistake of assuming that dogs have similar emotions to humans - in this case anger and a desire to punish. They don't. What you are seeing is the effect upon a dog that is generally placed upon a pedestal and granted privileges which, if it were a wild dog, would be granted only to the highest ranking. Kennelling such dogs is a form of isolation and effectively reduces their status. When they return home, and until they manage to climb back up the pecking order ladder, they will display all the canine body postures of the under-dog within your canine/human pack. They are unobtrusive. If called, they will approach in a subdued fashion and will avert eye contact. They will not initiate any play activity and they will hang back slightly when you go through doorways and narrow passage ways. Don't be alarmed. If, like us, you treat your dog like a long lost best friend, then he/she will within a matter of days resume the high rank in your family pack.

Q: What happens if my pet gets ill during its stay at the Canine Country Club?

A: Naturally we have several vets on call 24 hours a day. If your personal vet is not local to the Canine Country Club, our vets will communicate with your vet if necessary.